Team Goodtimes are Dominatah, Rupeezy, and Klutch, and we paint murals together in Portland, Oregon. We aren't a crew, collective, or trying to be anything other than three friends who really enjoy painting together.

So much so that on almost any day that it isn't raining we can be found outside painting somewhere around Portland. The majority of our public murals are self funded including the larger group projects that we have organized. This covers the costs of paint and other supplies with no artist compensation. Paint and other supplies are paid for by our art sales and the rest is out of pocket. We have also done several commissioned murals but those are less than 20% of our work. 

We have put this store together as a way to raise funds for doing more free public murals and the money we make here goes directly towards making that happen. If you enjoy having our mural art continuously sprout around town (our output speaks for itself), or are just looking for a great deal on our art and goods then this is your kinda place.

To see samples of our murals and what we are up to check out our Instagram feeds: @dominatah @rupeezy & @klutcho